Breckinridge men repudiate fusion

From the New York Times

ALBANY, Tuesday, Sept. 25 — 10 P.M.

BRECKINRIDGE had an immense demonstration to-night in front of Congress Hall. Mr. BRADY’S speech is regarded as a death blow to fusion. He denounced DOUGLAS and his doctrines, and gave it as his opinion that he would not carry a single State. He characterized CAGGER and RICHMOND as tricksters. The meeting was a great success.


Dispatch to the Associated Press.
ALBANY, Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Hon. JAMES T. BRADY, of New-York, is in this city, on professional business. To-night his party-friends serenaded him at, Congress Hall He made a speech in response, thanking them for the compliment they had done him. He then entered on the subject of the political canvass, declaring that the time for fusion was past, and proclaiming war to the knife against the Douglas Democracy. He declared it his belief that if through the division of the Democratic Party Mr. LINCOLN should be elected, Mr. SEWARD would be his Secretary of State, and Mr. EVARTS would succeed Mr. SEWARD in the Senate of the United States, in which event the Republican Party being in the ascendant, would claim to be the only national party. He said that after this contest STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS would not be heard of again, and that he (DOUGLAS) was now only acting as an aid to the Republicans. He reviewed the action of the two Democratic State Committees, declaring that the responsibility of the defeat the union of the Democratic Party was on the Richmond-Cagger Committee.

Mr. BRADY’s speech is regarded as a final blow to any union so far ns the Greene Committee and State Committee are concerned, and as fixing the fact that if a union is effected it must be with the aid of the leading supporters of BRECKINRIDGE and LANE in the City of New-York, outside of the politicians.

Mr. BRADY defined and eloquently defended the principles of the Seceding Baltimore Convention, and denounced “Squatter Sovereignty ” in strong terms. On some allusion being made by him to Messrs. RICHMOND and CAGGER, some of the friends of these gentlemen collected together opposite the hotel, and gave them three cheers.

Mr. BRADY’s remarks were received with warm applause by Ms friends.
After the conclusion of his speech, in response to loud calls, S.G. COURTNEY, Esq., made a brief speech, calling on the Breckinridge men to rally in support of their candidates, and denouncing the fusion ticket of the Cooper Institute.

The New York Democrats did eventually come around to a fusion ticket, but too late to win the state. The internal divisions in the Democratic party would prove insurmountable. Did the Breckinridge Democrats want the Republicans to win in order to prompt secession? The accusation was made frequently, although always denied by the Breckinridge camp.

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