August 9, 1866: Boon for sheriff

Okay, the new sheriff will exterminate the radicals — “by good reasoning”, though. A letter to the editor of the Cape Girardeau Argus, August 9, 1866.

By the way, it doesn’t appear that Mr. Boon (or Boone) was successful — the sheriff of Cape Girardeau county in 1867 was Harman Bader.

Mr. Editor:

As the time is fast approaching for the Democracy of this District to select and elect, if possible, in November, a simon-pure, dyed in the wool Conservative Union man for the office of Sheriff, the people of Old Randall desire you to say, through the columns of your valuable paper, that Wm. H. Boon should be the man. The Squire was born in Cape Girardeau county, and has lived in this township from a mere child; is well known throughout the county as being honest, industrious, and fully qualified for the office. He has been strictly loyal, always opposed to fanaticism, and a perfect hater of Radicalism. We feel safe in saying if Mr. Boone will consent to announce himself in your paper, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff, he will receive a larger vote than anything in the shape of a Radical. Announce yourself, William, and start out on your beat with the determination of exterminating, by good reasoning, the sickly Rads of Cape Girardeau county, and you will receive the support of


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