July 19, 1866: Have to stop our enemies at the polls

Charles D. Drake
Charles D. Drake of Missouri

The Cape Girardeau Argus of July 19, 1866 is determined to vote out the Radicals in the upcoming election.

The Canvass

Has now fairly opened. What our enemies are doing – what evil machinations they are deliberating – what schemes or plots they are designing, we are as yet but partially apprised of. The abortion of the worst passions of wicked men, engendered in the cauldron of civil strife, made thick and slabby by a brother’s blood, and seasoned hot with imported treason, they have arisen, in times of great sorrow and public calamity, by unlawful and revolutionary means, to high places and great power, and by those means alone they are now compelled to sustain themselves or fall beneath the high wrath of an outraged people. Yet, although a small and degraded minority, they are by no means to be despised. They have built around themselves strong and apparently impregnable fortifications, whose false colors glare in the eyes of the weak and short-sighted as made of the Constitution and laws of the State, imperative, mandatory and prohibitory, when in fact if these tests be applied to them, they will be found to be composed on nothing but flimsy paper. Long and patiently have the good people of Missouri crouched beneath this iron rod of despotism. But now, with noble and loyal leaders everywhere in the field, it is the imperative duty of every individual to rally around the standard which is being erected for their emancipation – a standard which bears upon it the sign manual of the founders of our Government, the support of every wise and disinterested patriot of the land, and the high approval of the Chief Executive of the States. No one so low but has high duties to perform in the coming struggle, and no one so base as he who, knowing his duty, should allow himself to be drawn from positive duties and responsibilities by the scowl or threat of serfs, the bought slaves of our present usurping masters. Let every man now firmly resolve to do all in his power – all that his position in life can accomplish, and the truth will be, before the end of November next, demonstrated, that Charles D. Drake, Tom Fletcher and his negro troops, are but chaff before the wind.

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