September 21, 1865: Challenges to the Ironclad Oath

The Cape Girardeau Argus reports, perhaps with a hint of approval, on some challenges to the new Ironclad Oath in the Missouri 1865 Constitution.

The New Constitution

Father Cummings, a Catholic priest of Louisiana, Mo., has been fined $500 in the circuit court for preaching the gospel without taking the oath. His friends offered to pay the fine, but he preferred going to jail, where he now is, intending to test the constitutionality of the requirement.

Sam. T. Glover, a well known member of the St. Louis Bar, has given information to the circuit attorney that he is still practicing as an attorney and intends to continue without having taken the test oath of the now Constitution.

The motion to vacate the order of the court requiring attorneys to subscribe to the test oath, is still under consideration in the St. Louis Circuit Court.

Judge Walter King of the Ray Circuit Court, has decided that attorneys are not required to take the test oath of the new Constitution.

Thos. F. Wingate, Attorney General of Missouri, has decided that Sabbath School teachers do not have to take and file the oath of loyalty before exercising their functions.

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