August 25, 1865: Welcome, Johnson!

Andrew Johnson

The New York Times reports that the (white) citizens of Richmond invite the new President to visit. A little sucking up as they try to reestablish their hegemony in the state?

RICHMOND.; President Johnson and the Cabinet Invited to Visit Richmond.
From the Richmond Times,
Published: August 25, 1865

Aug. 23.
A highly respectable and enthusiastic meeting of the citizens of Richmond convened at the City Hall last evening. On motion, A.M. BAILEY was called to the chair, and WILLIAM S. GILMAN was appointed Secretary.
The following resolutions were presented, and unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the citizens of Richmond have learned with feelings of the most lively satisfaction, that there is some probability of their city being honored, at no distant day, by a visit from His Excellency ANDREW JOHNSON, the present able and patriotic President of the United States.

2. That the chairman of this meeting appoint a committee of twenty-five persons from each ward in behalf of the citizens of Richmond, to act in conjunction with the committee of the press, in extending to the President and the members of his cabinet a cordial invitation to visit this city, at such time as may suit their convenience.

3. That in the event of the acceptance of the invitation tendered by said committee, the chairman of this meeting shall call a general meeting of the people of Richmond to make all the necessary arrangements for giving to the President a reception and welcome worthy of our high appreciation of his distinguished ability as a statesman and patriot and of our profound respect for the exalted office which he fills.

4. That this meeting recommend that a mass meeting of the citizens of Richmond convene for the purpose of expressing their sentiments in reference to our present political condition.

5. That a committee of five be appointed by the chairman of this meeting to make all necessary arrangements for the said meeting; and that a committee of eight be appointed, in like manner, to prepare suitable resolutions for the consideration of the meeting.

In obedience to the resolutions offered, the chairman appointed the following committees:
Committee of Arrangements. — H. Exall, W. Goddin, L.D. Crenshaw, R.R. Howison and John Enders.
Committee on Resolutions. — Judge Meredith, R.T. Daniel, P.H. Aylett, F.J. Smith, Robert Ridgway and B.W. Hughes.

On motion, adjourned.

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