June 20, 1865: What to do with the Missouri Swamp Fox

Meriwether Jeff Thompson

The rebel guerrilla Jeff Thompson, sometimes referred to as the “Missouri Swamp Fox” because of his actions in the sloughs of “swampeast Missouri”, has surrendered, and is awaiting a pardon decision.

FROM CAIRO.; Affairs in Arkansas Movements of Jeff. Thompson.
Published: June 20, 1865

The flag-of-truce boat has arrived here with 1,454 men belonging to JEFF. THOMPSON’s army, including 686 officers.

JEFF. THOMPSON came as far as Memphis, where he remains awaiting the decision of President JOHNSON relative to his petition for pardon.

Gen. REYNOLDS has taken the initiatory steps toward establishing civil courts throughout Northern Arkansas.

Garrisons have been established along the White River.

The people of Arkansas are rapidly becoming orderly and peaceful citizens.

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