May 16, 1865: Sherman to the Grand Review

Grand Review

The New York Times reports that Sherman is on his way to the grand review in Washington.

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Tuesday, May 16.

SHERIDAN’s cavalry, under command, temporarily, of Maj.-Gen. CROOK, arrived here to-day. The command left Petersburgh on Wednesday, the 10th inst., and marched to near Yellow Tavern, five miles north of Richmond, that day, a distance twenty-five miles. Thursday, the 11th, a march of thirty-five miles was made to Cub Creek, crossing the South Anna at Ground Squirrel Bridge. On the 12th marched twenty-five miles, crossing the Central Railroad at Tellersville, and the south branch of the North Anna at Nelson’s Bridge, encamping near the north branch of the same river. On the 13th, another march of about twenty-five miles was made to Racoon Ford; and on the 14th the command marched to Catlett’s Station via Stevensburgh. On the 15th, to Fairfax Court-house, Bull Run, at Blackburn’s Ford. To-day the command marched from Fairfax Court-house to this place.
Nothing of special importance occurred to the command on the route, but I gathered much useful information on the condition of affairs in Virginia, which I shall endeavor to give to the reader of the TIMES, at an early day. E.A. PAUL.

The tone of the Richmond papers with references to the present condition of things in Virginia, continues in the same strain of careless indifference to the true interests of the State on the resumption of her relations with the government of the United States. Instead of endeavoring to educate the people of the State into a love for the Union, and to aid them in returning to their loyalty, these papers devote their editorial columns to such subjects as the opening of foreign commerce by a poverty-stricken people. These papers live on the army, and deserve suppression for their lack of loyalty and spirit.
The appointment of R.W.P. GARNET, the disloyal clerk, the rebel in arms, and the violator of his parole, to the position of Assessor of the First District of Virginia, which includes Richmond, causes much indignation here. The influence which is said to have secured the appointment is that of a former and highly respected head of the Treasury Department.

The advance of SLOCUM’s Army of Georgia, with Gen. SHERMAN at its head, is expected to reach the camping-grounds to-morrow night. The Army of Tennessee, commanded temporarily by Gen. LOGAN, will arrive by Friday.

It is now extremely probable that the review will take the shape of a passage of the troops through Pennsylvania-avenue, the President and Gen. GRANT reviewing the columns from some suitable point. This will gratify everybody, and afford spectators a splendid opportunity.

Gen. HOWARD has assumed the duties of commissioner of the Freedmen’s Bureau. The office will be located at the corner of Eighteenth and I streets. Gen. HOWARD has also assumed the rank and uniform of Brigadier-General in the regular army.

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