May 15, 1865: Davis in petticoats, and the Freedmen’s Bureau

Davis in Petticoats

The New York Times reports on a number of matters. Firstly, Davis was captured reportedly wearing his wife’s clothes. Second, O.O. Howard has been appointed to lead the Freedmen’s Bureau.

Published: May 15, 1865
Special Dispatches to the New-York Times.
WASHINGTON, Sunday, May 14.

The capture of JEFF. DAVIS was announced at a late hour last evening, but not so late as to prevent a tumult of excitement and joy over the good news. The particulars of JEFF’S ridiculous attempt to escape in his wife’s clothes, which were made public this afternoon, have created much merriment. Thus the great rebel chieftain ends his flight in a scene more than equal to the nicest caricature that scores of pencils have heretofore depicted. Instructions have been sent to Gen. WILSON to forward DAVIS, petticoats and all, to Savannah and bring him thence by water to Washington. He may even stand a chance of sitting by the side of PAINE, HAROLD and Mrs. SURRATT, at the grand and gloomy trial now going on within the prison walls.



Gen. HOWARD has been assigned to the position of Superintendent of the Bureau of Freedmen’s Affairs, a department created by the last Congress. The General has accepted the position, and will immediately enter upon the performance of his duties. The country will reorganize the eminent fitness of the appointment of this Christian patriot and soldier to a position requiring so much care, industry patience and firmness.

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