May 14, 1865: Jefferson Davis Captured

Jefferson Davis

“The Archfiend of the rebellion” captured.

Jeff. Davis Captured.
Published: May 14, 1865

The country will learn this morning, with satisfaction too deep for words, that the archfiend of the rebellion, JEFFERSON DAVIS, has been captured, and is now in the custody of our troops. From the hour of the fall of his capital he has devoted all his energies and resources to the safety of his unstretched neck. While LEE and his Generals were acting the part of men — so far as their personal behavior was concerned — the great self-appointed leader of Southern chivalry seized the gold of the Richmond banks, leaped the “last ditch,” sneaked through his own lines, crept away from the brave but deluded men who had uphold his cause through years of blood, and anticipated his foredoomed infamy by adding to the title of traitor the blazon of coward.

The pursuit, at last crowned with success, has been as rapid and unrelenting as that which brought the assassin of President LINCOLN to his account. By day and night, in heat and cold, in storm and calm, the avenging sword has been on his path. He can have known no hour of rest, no moment unbroken by alarm. He must have met the contempt and scorn, if not the direct betrayal, of his own people, for, with all their sins, the masses of the South have a high admiration for personal courage. With our troopers closing ground him, the seacoast a hundred miles away, with every black face his sworn enemy, and scarcely a white one to be trusted, his past six weeks must have been an eternity of torment.

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