May 1, 1865: Davis is headed for Texas

Jefferson Davis

The New York Times reports that Jefferson Davis, escorted by rebel cavalry, is on his way to Texas.

RALEIGH, N.C., Monday, May 1, 1865.

Lieut. Col. PARKER, of the Fourth New-Hampshire, captured by WHEELER’s cavalry, near Magnolia, about three weeks since has just returned, having been paroled at Greensboro on the 16th ult. by BEAUREGARD.

Quartermaster TILTON, of the same regiment, captured about the same time, also returned this morning. He was in Charlotte April 25. JEFF. DAVIS left there on that day, bound for Texas, escorted by a detachment of cavalry under Gen. ECHOLS and BASIL DUKE. They numbered about three thousand, and had with them a train of about twenty wagons. Gen. STONEMAN was within ten miles of Charlotte, his pickets being on the banks of the Catawba River. It is his opinion that STONEMAN could have captured the whole command, if not DAVIS himself, if he had attacked any time previous to the 25th. This statement is reliable in every particular.
DAVIS made a speech in Charlotte a few days before he left, promising to have another army in the field, larger than ever before.

BASIL DUKE’s command burned the public buildings ransacked the private stores, and committed various outrages on the property and persons of the citizens. His men are mainly Kentuckians. and Texans, and were formerly under MORGAN.


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