March 28, 1865: Sherman in Virginia

William Tecumseh Sherman

Sherman is in City Point to meet with Grant and Lincoln, and soon with his brother John. Stanton sends his prayers.

Official Records:

CITY POINT, VA., March 28, 1865.
(Received 2. 10 p. m.)
Honorable E. M. STANTON:

I await the arrival of General McCallum until his arrival here at 3 p. m., when I will take him with me to New Berne. Before leaving I will arrange with General Ingfalls and Admiral Porter for barges and tugs to transport stores from New Berne up to Kinston, where my wagons can meet them and fill up. I will be at Goldsborough the day after to- morrow. Whilst here also I shall make complete arrangements for my next port of entry at Winton, on the Chowan, or Halifax, on the Roanoke. I have had a long interview with General Grant and the President, and think that everything wears a most favorable aspect. I suppose John Sherman to be with General McCallum, and will prevail on him to go with me as far as Goldsborough. Many thanks for the prompt attention given to our wants.

Major- General.


Washington, March 28, 1865- 7. 30 p. m.
Major General W. T. SHERMAN,
Fortress Monroe:

God speed you; and that He may have you in his keeping, shield you from every danger, and crown you with victory, is my earnest prayer.

Secretary of War.

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