March 1, 1865: Slocum gets across Lynch’s creek

Gen. Henry W. Slocum

After a sharp skirmish and some trouble with high water, Slocum crosses Lynch’s creek.

Official Records:

In the Field, Ferily’s Bridge, Lynch’s Creek, March 1, 1865.
General O. O. HOWARD,
Commanding Right Wing:

GENERAL: Slocum has the Twentieth here across Lynch’s Creek and a good bridge. Davis is across the Catawha, and ought to be about fifteen miles behind us. To-morrow all will move forward fifteen miles, which will bring us near Chesterfield, next day at Cheraw, Davis in the meantime closing his gap; push Blair straight, on Cheraw; with the Fifteenth Corps move on the same point, careful to reach the railroad below Cheraw and break it, then on Cheraw. We will cross to the north of Cheraw. The enemy cannot hold Cheraw against us, because it is on a branch road and we can insulate it. Johnston, if there, will not fight with a bridge behind him. We may have to cross the Pedee with a serious enemy in front, but we must not allow the Confederates caster; also Wheeler. I had an original communication from Wade Hampton yesterday, and he is still watching Kilpatrick, who is at Lancaster till Davis gets past. Push with all energy straight on Cheraw, cutting its road below, and I will be up on the 3rd instant.

Yours, truly,

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