February 27, 1865:

The 13th Amendment

I believe the New York Times
is indulging in what would be called “snark” today:

Published: February 27, 1865

— The country will learn with alarm and disappointment that the Common Council of Jersey City have resolved by a vote of ten to seven,

“That we look upon the recent act of Congress, known as the Amendment to the Constitution, declaring slavery and involuntary servitude as forever abolished throughout all the States, as an untimely measure, adding another firebrand to the burning fire, and tending to put far from us that happy day of peace, prosperity and Union.”

What the effect of this expression of opinion on the fate of the amendment may be, it is impossible as yet to say, as its influence on the public mind, particularly in the Western States, is not yet known. But it is impossible to avoid fearing the worst. We had some hopes at one time that the Common Council could be induced either to “suspend its judgment” or delay the expression of it for a few months, until the ratification of the amendment had been secured at least in the free States. But these expectations have been frustrated; Jersey City has spoken, and we must make the best of it.

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