February 9, 1865: The “Negro soldier scheme”

Andrew and Silas Chandler

The Confederate Senate defeated a proposal to arm slaves, for now. Meanwhile, Forrest is in favor of it. And people who think there were thousands of “black Confederates” are living in fantasy land.

The 13th Amendment

New York TImes:

Ratification of the Amendment by the Ohio Legislature.
Published: February 9, 1865

The Ohio Legislature has ratified the proposed Constitutional Amendment to abolish slavery by a vote of twenty five to four in the Senate, and fifty-eight to twelve in the House — a strictly party vote. There were absent twenty-four Unionists and seven Democrats.

The negro Soldier scheme.

The Confederate Senate, in secret session on Tuesday, by an overwhelming majority voted down Mr. Brown’s resolution instructing the Military Committee to report a bill putting two hundred thousand negro soldiers in the army.–This puts this vexed question at rest, at least for a time.


From the Richmond Whig, Feb. 9.

Gen. FORREST favors arming 200,000 negroes. He declares if he ever had an inclination to fight for revenge, that time and feeling have passed. He now contends for principle, for home, wife and children, to prevent subjugation; but desires peace, and is tired of scenes of blood.

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