January 15, 1865: Sherman’s mild policies in Savannah

Sherman in Savannah

The New York Times runs a report from a Charleston paper about the situation at Savannah. Even in Charleston, they admit that he hasn’t been harsh to them. Of course, the poor deluded blacks have come to their senses and are going back to their former masters.

CHARLESTON, Sunday, Jan. 15.

Two hundred and fifty refugees arrived here last night from Savannah. The Yankees were busy moving the obstructions from the river, and say they will soon move on Augusta, Branchville and Charleston. No movement has been made as yet, though the refugees think there will be soon. SHERMAN and his officers threaten to reduce Charleston and South Carolina to desolation. His rule in Savannah, for policy, continues mild. He has written a letter to the citizens, saying the only way to have peace is to send members to the United States Congress and return to the Union, and it is ridiculous to think of any other kind of reconstruction. The refugees brought out such servants and baggage as they desired. Many negroes were returning to their masters.

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