January 3, 1865: Where’s Hood?

John Bell Hood

Thomas wants to know where Hood’s army is, and where he’s heading. Meanwhile, Hood hears there could be an attack on Columbus, Mississippi, and is headquartered for the moment in Corinth.

Official Records:

PULASKI, January 3, 1865-9 a.m.

Brigadier-General GRANGER:

Send me by telegraph to Lynnville to-day the most reliable information and facts you have as to the course Hood’s army has taken and where it is most likely to halt. I want the best and most reliable information you can give me; if possible, I wish to know to a certainty.



[Same to Major-General Steedman.]


DECATUR, [January 3, 1865]. [Received 4th.]

Major-General THOMAS:

Your telegram of this date is received. Two negroes who came in day before yesterday from Tuscumbia report that Hood passed through Tuscumbia a week ago last Sunday; that his army was in a deplorable condition, many of his men being without arms; that they saw but eight pieces of artillery-four with Stewart’s and four with Stevenson’s divisions-they heard that your force had cut the road between Tuscumbia and Corinth, and that Hood was making for some springs in Mississippi-they said Pond Springs. This is all I have been able to gather. Have sent your telegram to General Steedman, and will telegraph immediately soon as hearing from him.




MERIDIAN, January 3, 1865.

General J. B. HOOD,

Corinth, Miss.:

I will leave for Okolona on Thursday morning, 5th, if you can meet me there; if you cannot, I will endeavor to meet you at Tupelo, as requested. A raid from Decatur reported forty miles from Columbus, Miss. Let me know if you know anything of it, and advise me whether you can come to Okolona.



MERIDIAN, January 3, 1865.


Macon, Miss.:

General Hood’s army crossed Tennessee River at Bainbridge on 26th and 27th ultimo. General Hood telegraphs me from Corinth to-day. Don’t believe a word of presence of enemy at Smithville. In any event, Columbus will be defended.



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