November 12, 1864: Sherman’s march begins

Savannah Campaign

From Sherman’s official report:

On the 12th of November my army stood detached and cut off from all communication with the rear. It was composed of four corps-the Fifteenth and Seventeenth, constituting the Right wing, under Major General O. O. Howard; the Fourteenth and Twentieth Corps, constituting the Left Wing, under Major General H. W. Slocum-of an aggregate strength of 60,000 infantry; one cavalry division, in aggregate strength 5,500 under Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick, and the artillery, reduced to the minimum, one gun per 1,000 men.

Sherman starts his march, ordering Howard to destroy the railroad north from Atlanta to prevent pursuit by Hood.

Official Records 79:750

In the Field, Kingston, Ga., November 12, 1864.
General HOWARD,

I start this morning. As soon as all the trains have passed north you may begin the work on the railroad. I want your army across the Chattahoochee on the THIRD day. J. E. Smith and Corse are marching to-day. Davis will leave here in a few hours.

Major-General, Commanding.

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  1. Debbie Dean says:

    Corse amazes me, his immune system must have been near incomperable!

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