November 2, 1864: Sherman’s convinced Grant

Ulysses S. Grant

Sherman’s and Grant’s messages from yesterday crossed in transit, apparently, and Grant is now convinced that Thomas has enough strength to take care of Hood. Grant gives his consent for Sherman to make the march.

Official Records:

CITY POINT, VA., November 2, 1864-11. 30 a. m.
Major-General SHERMANS,
Rome, Ga.:

Your dispatch of 9 a. m. yesterday is just received. I dispatched you the same date, advising that Hood’s army, now that it had worked so far north, be looked upon more as the objective. With the force, however, you have left with Thomas, he must be able to take care of Hood and destroy him. I do not really see that you can withdraw from where you are to follow Hood, without giving up all we have gained in territory. I say, then, go as you propose.


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