Metapost: OSU’s Official Records site has changed format

Oh no! OSU has changed the format of the digitized Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, and all my previous links to them are now broken. Aaargh. If you look at a link that I’ve posted in the past, you’ll see that it looks like this: “”. The last two numbers are the volume (79) and the page number within the volume (203). You can use the volume number to get to the right volume at the new OSU index, but from there I don’t see any easy way to get to the right page, except to substitute it for the last number in the volume’s URL. That is, when I go to volume 79 at OSU now, the URL is “”. If you substitute “0203” for the “0001”, you get to the right page. I’ll put future links in the new format, of course, but it appears we’re kind of stuck with this problem for old pages. My apologies.


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