October 6, 1864: Sherman supports Corse

Gen. John M. Corse
Gen. Corse before he was shot in the face.


Corse was wounded rather badly in the defense of Altoona, but despite “losing a cheek bone and an ear”, he retained command and repulsed the rebels. Sherman is following up on the victory by sending troops north to help protect the supply line to Chattanooga.

Official Records:

Near Marietta, October 6, 1864.
(Received 2 a. m. 7th.)
General STANLEY:

I have now definite news of Corse. Allatoona is al safe, but Corse was wounded in the face, losing a cheek bone and ear. He says a cavalry force is reported about Stilesborough, threatening the road above Allatoona. I have ordered him to send all he can spare back and have ordered a brigade of Cox’s up there. I have ordered Garrard to threaten the road between Dallas and Burnt Hickory; Kilpatrick, Powder Springs and the road south of Dallas. I have ordered Cox to send a brigade down toward Dallas, Howard a DIVISION also, and I want you to do the same, without artillery or wagons, and to return at night. Let your DIVISION go out to Lost Mountain, establish signals, and move cautiously as though intending to attack, but with orders if met in force to work back slowly, drawing the attacking force against you intrenched. I don’t want this DIVISION to go more than five or six miles out, and to act with great caution as though pressing to develop Hood’s position with a view to attack. If Hood has left his position about Dallas I will move up to Allatoona or remain near here, according as he has moved by Hurnt Hickory or south to Powder Springs. My First object is to make him recall any cavalry sent against our roads.

I am, &c.,
Major – General, Commanding.

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