September 29, 1864: Sherman exchanges prisoners

Andersonville Prison

Sherman has completed an exchange of 2000 prisoners, and is happy to have them out of Andersonville. Hood is still south of Atlanta. Sherman has sent Thomas to clear rebels out of Tennessee, and he plans to head for Milledgeville, then capital of Georgia.

ATLANTA, GA., September 29, 1864-8. 30 p. m.

(Received 7 p. m. 30th.)

Major-General HALLECK,

Chief of Staff:

I have now effected the actual exchange of 2,000 prisoners of my own army. General Stoneman will be here to-morrow, and Colonel Harrison is already in. Our prisoners have been moved from Andersonville to Savannah, Millen, and Charleston. Any change will be for the better. I have agreed with Hood to send to Griffin, to be forwarded to our prisoners, a supply of clothing, soap, combs, &c. The latter will be furnished by the Sanitary Commission, and the former by the quartermaster. I take it for granted that Forrest will cut our road, but I think we can prevent his making a serious lodgment. His cavalry will travel a hundred miles in less time than ours will ten. I have sent two DIVISIONS up to Chattanooga, and one to Rome, and Thomas started to-day to clear out Tennessee; but our road should be watched from the rear, and I am glad General Grant has ordered reserves for me to Nashville. I prefer for the future to make the movement on Milledgeville, Millen, and Savannah River. Hood now rests twenty-four miles south, his left on the Chattahoochee, and his right on the WEST Point road. He is removing the iron of the Macon road. I can whip his infantry, but his cavalry is to be feared.



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