September 22, 1864: Farragut’s unwell

Admiral David Farragut

Looks like Farragut isn’t going to be able to do much to further Sherman’s grand plan, but he will wait on the east coast to support Sherman if he heads for the sea.

NEW ORLEANS, LA., September 22, 1864.

Major-General HALLECK, Chief of Staff:

Farragut has been ordered to Port Royal. His health is so much impaired that the contemplated asking to be relieved; but, on being advised of contemplated operations, and that Sherman might possibly come in at some point on the Gulf, at once relinquished the idea and determined to remain. He feels himself that he is not at present physically equal to the task of organizing any new operations of magnitude, and that while he can be of service here he would break down in the new assignment. This is my own belief, although I have a strong personal wish that he should remain, I believe that I am not selfish in asking that the case may be considered under this view of it. Will you please submit it to the proper authorities?



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