August 27, 1864: Sherman’s armies move south

Atlanta campaign map

Howard’s Army of the Tennessee constitutes the right wing of Sherman’s southward advance. Schofield’s Army of the Ohio is on the left, and Thomas’s Army of the Cumberland is in the center. They’re pulling out of their positions and negotiating the congested roads toward Jonesboro and the railroads supplying Atlanta from the south. Only the XX Corps is left behind to pin down Hood’s defenders in Atlanta.

Official Records:

Near Widow Forsyth’s, Ga., August 27, 1864.
Major General W. T. SHERMAN,
Commanding, &c.:

GENERAL: We had little difficulty in drawing out last night; some shelling. I heard of but one casualty, but we found the roads rough and the bottoms marshy, so that with great difficulty and delay we made the march. General Logan is now pretty well across Camp Creek, about due south from this place. General Blair is crossing at William Campbell’s, about a mile farther to the right. Kilpatrick reports himself across Camp Creek and about a mile south of Enon Church. Logan’s position is 71. Have no word from Schofield as yet. A great portion of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Corps have been broken of their rest two nights. I would prefer not to march till to-morrow morning if this will do. My headquarters are on the Campbellton road, near Widow Forsyth’s, one mile east of Dry Pond.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,

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