April 1, 1864: Yet more on miscegenation

Miscegenation cartoon

As we’ve seen, the hoax pamphlet “Miscegenation” prompted extensive controversy in both North and South, just in time for the presidential campaign. The New York Times treated it as a joke, but some abolitionists took it as a serious, if overzealous, proposal. The Richmond Daily Dispatch tore into it with great fervor as another example of Yankee depravity. And apparently the London Times was taken in as well. And of course the Richmond Daily Dispatch uses this item as another opportunity to decry the demon Yankees.

We have often wondered it, it were possible for Yankee depravity to sink to any lower depth than it had already exhibited in the present war. But if we were ever in credulous of such a possibility, we did great injustice to the boundless capacities of fanaticism for self- degradation. Recent developments have disclosed a new and profounder, a darker and fouler abyss than we had supposed human nature could ever reach.

The New York correspondent of the London Times reveals to the civilized would the tale of horror. “It has been discovered,” he says, “by the advanced spirits of the Abolition party that the negro is in many important respects the superior of the whites, and that if the latter do not forget their pride of race and blood and color, and amalgamate with the purer and richer blood of the blacks, they will die out of America, and wither away in unproline skinniness, meriting by their obstinacy and folly the fate of the red man, whom they have either exterminated or driven into the wilderness.

These are not mere assertions of the intelligent correspondent of the Times. He mentions the Rev. Theodore Tilton, the companion of H. W. Beecher in the editorship of the Independent, who a few years ago declared, in an assemblage principally composed of women, that it was good for white women to marry black men, and that the “passional” and “emotional” nature of the blacks was needed to improve the white race — Wendell Phillips has often hinted the same thing, and the doctrine once broached has found believers and adherents.

A tract has recently been published and extensively circulated, from which the correspondent of the Tones gives copious extracts, maintaining the same hideous ideas. The writer declares that all that is necessary to make the American (Yankee) race the “finest race on earth is to engraft upon our stock the negro element which Providence has placed by our side upon this continent. Of all the rich treasures of blood vouchsafed to us that of the negro is the most precious, because it is the most unlike any other that enters into the composition of our natural life.”

Then follows a succession of obscenities too indecent for publication, winding up with a conclusion black enough for his own lost soul. “It will be a sad misfortune,” he says, “if this war should end without a black General in command of a white or mixed body of troops. We want an American Toussain L’Overture (the St. Domingo chief) to give the black his proper position on this continent, and the day is coming. The South will fight to the last; but it is the eternal fitness of things that they should finally be subdued by the black soldier. After that, the lands of the South must be divided among the negroes, who are its only loyal population.”

Such are the sentiments, continues the correspondent of the Times, which elicit the approval of crowded audiences of educated Americans, (Yankees,) of whom a large preponderance were white women! Have not these people nearly filled up the measure of their crimes? Was there over anything in the French Revolution as loathsome as these abominations? They seem to have been given up to the devils of uncleanness and cruelty to work their complete will upon.–If the prolongation of the war has no other benefit, it will at least reveal to mankind and to our own people what kind of creatures we were so long in league with, and demonstrate that perpetual war is a small evil in comparison with submission to such demons in human form.

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