March 31, 1864: Douglass fair in New Orleans

The Richmond Daily Dispatch reports that New Orleanians are honoring Frederick Douglass for his abolition work. The one-paragraph item contains 7 sets of scare quotes, so the reader will understand that the Dispatch would never refer to Douglass as “illustrious” or give him the title “Mr.”

Band Douglass and the “Colored Sisters.”

–A ‘colored ladies’ “Douglass fair” was [ organized ] recently in New Orleans, and resolutions, among others, adopted recognizing the services of the “Illustrious Frederick Douglass” in the “elevation and disenthralment” of his race; that a committee of twelve “gentlemen” be appointed to make all necessary arrangements for the reception of “Mr. Frederick Douglass,” and that the invitation be extended in the name of the “native central committee, left bank of the Mississippi river, parish of Orleans, and in behalf of the colored population therein.”

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