March 30, 1864: More Miscegenation fever


The Richmond Daily Dispatch may have some doubts about the endorsements, but it’s been taken in completely by the Miscegenation hoax. It’s the equivalent of one of those irate, widely circulated emails that Snopes would be debunking today.

The Miscegenation idea.

–An Abolition book made its appearance recently in New York, advocating directly the amalgamation of the white with the African race. It is accompanied with perhaps a score of endorsements. Some of them, unless they are forgeries, are from sources from which such disgusting things were not to be expected. But among these endorsements are one from Fred. Douglas, and another from Dr J. McCuneSmith. Now, these two fellows are both niggers. The last named nigger says to the author of the work, “I an willing to put my signature to your doctrines.” How exceedingly condescending, to be sure! The strong smelling nigger announces, with an air as if he were rendering an especial favor to the white race, that be is willing to put his signature to the doctrine of white and black intermarriages! The Abolitionists ought to hold public meetings all over the country and give him a vote of thanks–Louisville Journal.

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