March 24, 1864: Smith takes Fort De Russey

General A.J. Smith

The New York Times reports on a success in the Red River campaign.

CINCINNATI, Thursday, March 24.

A dispatch from Cairo says: “We have good news from the Red River expedition, which comes from undoubted authority.
Gen. A.J. SMITH landed his forces from transports a few miles below Fort De Russey. The rebel Gen. DICK TAYLOR promptly marched against him with his whole force, and attacked him in his rear.

Gen. SMITH, instead of attempting to keep up communication with the river, proceeded by forced marches toward the fort.
When TAYLOR saw the trick, he started for the same destination, and for a time the race seemed doubtful. But finally the Yankees came in about three hours ahead, capturing the fort and eleven guns, four of them Parrotts, one an eleven inch and several thirty-two pounders, and also 300 prisoners.

This gives Gen. SMITH a strong foothold in the country, and will enable Admiral PORTER to proceed to Alexandria with his gunboats without opposition.

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