March 23, 1864: McClellan for president.

George B. McClellan

The Richmond Daily Dispatch reports without comment, but undoubtedly with some glee, on a rally nominating George McClellan for president in the upcoming election.

McClellan meeting in New York.

–A monster mass meeting was held in New York city on the evening of the 17th, at the Cooper Institute, over which the Hon. Amos Kendall presided, the object being to place the name of General George B. McClellan before the people as a candidate in the coming Presidential campaign. The large hall of the Institute was densely packed by an enthusiastic assemblage, who greeted every mention of General McClellan’s name with rapturous applause. On the platform was a large gathering of influential citizens. A series of resolutions was unanimously adopted pledging the meeting to vote for the favorite. Speeches were made by Hon. Amos Kendall, Hon. R. D. Jacobs, Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky; General Norton, of Texas, and Col. Langenschwartz. The following resolutions were then read and put to the meeting and adopted with acclamation:

Whereas, a fratricidal war, originating in a disregard of the maxims and warnings of our fathers, is desolating the land and threatening the permanent disruption of our Federal Union.

And, whereas, the present Administration, by their fatal policy in the conduct of the war, by their infringement upon State and individual rights, by a general suspension of the writ of habeas corpus and substituting military for civil courts, and, above all, by employing the army to suppress the freedom of elections, and forcing governments of minorities upon the people of the States, has not only protracted the war indefinitely, bringing upon the country interminable taxation and financial ruin, but has created general alarm for the integrity of the States and the liberty of their citizens, all threatened to be swallowed up in a fanatical despotism, the worst of all governments,

and whereas the country has no guarantee for the speedy and successful termination of the war under the imbecile and changeable management of the present Administration through any other means than by a change of men at the coming Presidential election:

Resolved, That we earnestly invite all our fellow citizens, of whatever political organizations, to unite with us in one concerted effort to place at the head of our Government a man in whose wisdom, integrity, and firmness the country may rely with hope for a speedy suppression of the rebellion, the cessation of bloodshed, and the maintenance of the Union which our fathers bequeathed to us — a Union of independent States and free people, created by the Constitution, and to be maintained only by its observance. [Applause.]

Resolved, That the right of suffrage regulated by the States, is the only safeguard for individual liberty, and must be defended at every hazard.–[Cheers.]

Resolved, That we recognize in Gen. George B. McClellan [tremendous cheering, repeated again and again] qualifications which eminently fit him to be the deliverer and savior of our country; and we hold it to be the paramount duty of all patriotic citizens and organizations to abandon all disturbing questions and rally around him as the destined preserver of our constitutional liberties. [Renewed enthusiasm. and of “Bravo!”]

The resolutions were adopted with great enthusiasm.

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