February 15, 1864: In Meridian

William Tecumseh Sherman

Sherman congratulates the troops on a successful raid into the interior of Mississippi, destroying resources and transport that would otherwise aid the Confederacy. He concludes with the hope of “a peace that will never again be disturbed in our country by a discontented minority.” Sherman continued to gain experience in this type of military undertaking, and to gain faith in the importance of denying resources to the rebels.

Official Record:


Numbers 18.
Meridian, Miss., February 15, 1864.

The general commanding conveyed his congratulations and thanks to the officers and men composing this command for their most successful accomplishment of one of the great problems of the war. Meridian, the great railway center of the Southwest, is now in our possession, and by industry and hard work can be rendered useless to the enemy and deprive him of the chief source of supply to his armies. Secrecy in plan and rapidity of execution accomplish the best results in war, and the general commanding assures all, by following their leaders fearlessly and with confidence, they will in time rear the reward so dear to us all – a peace that will never again be disturbed in our country by a discontented minority.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:

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