December 24, 1863: Indian reconstruction

Creek Indian

The New York Times reports on efforts to make peace with Indian tribes who affiliated with the Confederates. They will have to free their slaves; the Creeks have already agreed to do so.

Washington, Thursday, Dec. 24.

As the terms of the President’s emancipation and amnesty proclamations do not in words include the Indian Territory, efforts are being made by the Indian Bureau to adjust the difficulties growing out of certain Indians having made common cause with the rebel Government, and to base the settlement on the principles asserted in those proclamations. Already, the Creeks have negotiated a treaty with this Government, providing for the abolition of slavery among them, as a condition of their being reinstated in the enjoyment of the benefits which they forfeited by their disloyalty. And similar treaties are contemplated with the Choctaws and Cherokees, The latter, through their own Council, have provided for freeing their slaves, but a stipulation for that end is required in a new treaty.

The Adjutant-General’s Office has telegraphed to all the army commanders that a law has been passed to the effect that no bounties, except such as are now provided by law, will be paid to any persons enlisted after the 5th of January next. The only bounty provided by law is the $100 authorized by section 5 of the Act of July, 1861. The commanding officers are accordingly required to secure all reenlistments of veteran volunteers possible before Jan. 5, and give immediate publicity to this circular.

The Russian fleet has left here for Fortress Monroe, and will winter in the roads.

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