November 30, 1863: Howard repairing bridges

O. O. Howard
Maj. Gen. O. O.Howard


General Howard is preparing the way for Sherman’s troops as they move northeast toward Knoxville. The rebel cavalry are impeding progress as best they can, here by damaging the bridges. It’s only a minor setback.

Charleston, November 30, 1863-2.15 p.m.
Major-General SHERMAN,

GENERAL: My head of column arrived here at 1.30 p.m. I found the railroad bridge partly destroyed, and the pontoon bridge swung to the other side of the river, and a portion of the boats sunk. There were 300 infantry and a company of cavalry at this place, who seemed to be apprised of our coming about one hour before our arrival. The railroad bridge can be repaired, passable for infantry, this p.m., which is now being done. I send one regiment in boats, and as soon as the bridge is completed shall send over a brigade.

Very respectfully,
Major-General, Commanding.

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