November 16, 1863: Sherman is expected soon

William Tecumseh Sherman

Map of Chattanooga campaign

Halleck is worried about Burnside, with Longstreet heading up to attack him. Grant reassures him that Sherman is almost there, and will be heading for the north end of Missionary Ridge to cut him off. And Sherman is feeling so peppy that he even corresponds with a newspaperman (though off the record) about his expected movements.

Official Records:

Maj. General H. W. HALLECK,

I am pushing everything to give General Burnside early aid. I have impressed on him in the strongest terms the necessity of holding on to his position. General Sherman’s troops are now at Bridgeport. They will march to-morrow, and an effort will be made to get a column between Bragg and Longstreet as soon as possible.

Major-General, Commanding.


NOVEMBER 16, 1863.]
Louisville Journal:

Sitting in General Thomas’ quarters I read the Journal of the 13th, and see you are uneasy about my command. I have made the junction, and lived well on Confederate corn and pork. My own corps, Fifteenth, is at Bridgeport in fine order, having marched all the way from Memphis, and we effected a good military purpose on the way. I left a strong force at Elk River, also, to fulfill a design. General Halleck and General Grant were daily advised of my progress, but the public were not, and I hope the fact escaped Bragg’s knowledge. I have been all day studying maps and position, and am ready to work. I still retain my old notions about heralding my acts and progress, and therefore give you this privately and not for publication. I at the same time assure you of my great personal respect and esteem.


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