November 13, 1863: Rebels putting artillery on Lookout Mountain

Map of Chattanooga campaign

Lookout Mountain has a commanding view of the pontoon bridge over the Tennessee; artillery there could cause some serious problems.

Official Records:

HEADQUARTERS ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH CORPS, Lookout Valley, Tennessee, November 13, 1863-10 p.m.
Brigadier-General GEARY,
Commanding Division:

I am directed by the major-general commanding to send for your information the following copy of dispatch of this date (9 p.m.) just received from Major-General Howard:

Deserters report six or eight pieces of artillery moved onto Lookout Mountain this a.m., as they say, for the purpose of shelling the pontoon bridge. One of them asserts that he heard an officer say that they were going to shell the troops out of their camps. Walthall’s brigade, about 1,100 strong, moved onto the mountain some days ago, and one of the deserters the brigade moving or preparing to move when he passed. The officer of the day of the corps reports that a brigade has been seen moving to the foot of the mountain to relieve the pickets, as the thinks; the movements of the brigade was seen by other officers also this p.m. at 2 o’clock. Sentinels of the enemy picket-line have told our pickets that they were coming over to-night with friends. The utmost vigilance on the picket-line has been ordered, and the line has been strengthened. The troops have also been ordered under arms at daylight to-morrow.

Very respectfully,
Lieutenant, Aide-de-Camp, and Act. Asst. Adjt. General

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