October 30, 1863: Supplies are coming in to Chattanooga

Ulysses S. Grant

The Cracker Line is open, and Dana reports that a steamboat made it in safely. Desperately needed food, ammunition, and forage are now getting to Chattanooga, and the siege is lifted. Grant will be looking to go on the offensive soon.

Official Records:

Honorable E. M. STANTON,
Secretary of War.
CHATTANOOGA, October 30, 1863-7 a.m.

The steamboat Paint Rock passed down from the landing here to Brown’s Ferry shortly after midnight last night. In passing Lookout Mountain she was fired at by musketry, and the cannon on the summit gave her a few shots, but neither boat nor crew suffered injury. This boat can bring 200 tons of freight to Brown’s Ferry landing daily. Rain this morning, but we have the river. As soon as the gaps in Raccoon Mountain are fortified, Chattanooga will be absolutely safe.

[C. A. DANA.]

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