October 23, 1863: Grant arrives in Chattanooga

Ulysses S. Grant

Charles Dana reports to the Secretary of War that Grant made it to Chattanooga. Thomas is holding out, and Grant is looking at ways to improve the supply lines.

CHATTANOOGA, October 24, 1863-10 a.m.

Grant arrived last night, wet, dirty, and well. He is just going to reconnoiter an important position which General Smith has discovered at the mouth of Lookout Valley, and which will be occupied from here simultaneously with Hooker’s occupation of Raccoon Mountain. This movement will probably take place within three days.

No demonstration from the enemy. Deserters report that Longstreet’s men have all just received new clothing, and are going away, either up the river or to Virginia. Breckinridge’s division goes with them.

[C. A. DANA.]

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