October 22, 1863: That traitor Thomas

Gen. George Thomas

An item in the Richmond Daily Dispatch reports on Gen. Thomas, a “traitor” to his state. They don’t yet know that he’s in command of what was Rosecrans’ army.

Major-Gen. Geo. H. Thomas.

–It has been already stated that this individual, who is now connected with Rosecrans’s army, is a native of Southampton county, Va. A lady who resides at Jerusalem, the county seat of Southampton, informs the editor of the Spirit of the Age that Thomas distinguished himself in the war with Mexico, and on his return home was presented by the ladies of his native county with a handsome sword.–After the beginning of the present war, and Thomas had determined to array himself against the South, he wrote to his sister to send him that sword. The true hearted, patriotic woman, replied that he could not have a sword presented by the women of Virginia to turn against their brave fathers, sons, and brothers, who were fighting in defence of the land whose birth-place he had disgraced, and that instead of sending the sword to him she would prefer seeing it thrust through his traitorous heart. –Petersburg (Va.) Express.

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  1. Debbie Allen Dean says:

    Indeed, the war split the Allens into two branches, while the previously divided McDanels fought for the Union, and McDonnells for the Confederacy. The Allens finally got over it in 1912, after the Hillsville Courthouse Massacre, when some of the Allen boys went to hide with the Ohio branch of the family. Only thing that took the search for the Allens off the national press was the sinking of the Titanic.

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