August 17, 1863: Maybe Bragg is going to defend Chattanooga after all.

Brig. Gen. James Garfield
Brig. Gen. James Garfield


Sheridan forwards some interesting intel to brig. gen. Garfield. Contrary to rumors, it looks like Bragg may not be ready to abandon Chattanooga.

Official Records:

STEVENSON, August 17, 1863-7.45 p.m.
Brigadier General J. A. GARFIELD:

The following dispatch is just received from General Lytle, at Bridgeport:

Major General P. H. SHERIDAN:

Holmes, the man at Island Creek Ferry, called over a soldier from rebel picket to-day and conversed with him. Two of my officers, hid in the thick canebrake within a few feet, heard conversation. Rebel soldier said they were determined to hold Chattanooga; that re-enforcements had come to Chattanooga from Johnston’s army and Atlanta; that part of Johnston’s army had gone to Mobile; that 500 men from Chattanooga had re-enforced Patton Anderson this morning. I have about 150 men watching ferry to-night, hoping to catch Gunther.


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