August 14, 1863: Chattanooga undefended

Gen. Philip Sheridan

Phil Sheridan reports that he thinks Bragg is headed down to Atlanta, leaving Chattanooga ripe for the picking. Of course, if Bragg were actually heading for Chattanooga, this could result in a confrontation.

Official Records:

STEVENSON, August 14, 1863-11.20 a.m.

Brigadier -General GARFIELD,

Chief of Staff:

I would not be much surprised if a large portion of Bragg’s army was going to Atlanta. Up to the 5th of August three brigades had reached there,and engineers were actively engaged in surveying. They sent a man through the lines last night to tell me that there were 40,000 men at Knoxville. I have bagged him. They dread an attack via Rome,and have but little idea of an advance on Chattanooga. A cavalry demonstration at afterward will probably find but few rebels there. I may have more positive information this evening.



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