June 10, 1863: Grant asks Porter for a gunboat

David Dixon Porter

Grant appeals to Porter for a gunboat to protect the movement of troops to reinforce him. Note the respectful and collegial tone of his message.

Official Records

NEAR Vicksburg, MISS., June 10, 1863.
Rear-Admiral DAVID D. PORTER,
Commanding Mississippi Squadron:

I sent you a dispatch by signal, requesting you to send a gunboat to meet transports known to be on their way here loaded with troops. I have been informed of thirteen being loaded at Memphis, and expected them here last night. Their non arrival causes me much uneasiness lest they may be interrupted some place by a battery of the enemy. I have information of 19,000 troops being on the way here besides those already arrived, and would request that, until they all get here, a gunboat ply about Island Numbers 65 and other dangerous points below it. I am aware, admiral, that heavy drafts have been made on your fleet above Vicksburg, but hope you will still be able to comply with the request made herein.

I am fortifying Haynes’ Bluff, and intend to hold it. At present I do not think the enemy are near there. All the forces coming to me now are being sent to Haynes’ Bluff, and I need not tell you how anxious I feel for the arrival of those I know to have started.


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