May 31, 1863: Congrats to the men who sank the Cincinnati

Gunboat Cincinnati

As we saw earlier, the Confederate troops defending Vicksburg sank the gunboat Cincinnati. Here Pemberton passes his thanks to the troops for this feat.

Official Records:

Brigadier-General BOWEN,
Commanding DIVISION:

GENERAL: The lieutenant-general commanding desires to tender his thanks to Captain [J. W.] Barclay, Lieutenant Wilkerson, and the men under their command, for the successful accomplishment of their MISSION in burning the gunboat Cincinnati last night; as a tribute to their gallantry, he has great pleasure in presenting them with the flag captured on the occasion.

I have the honor to be, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Assistant Adjutant-General.]

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2 Responses to May 31, 1863: Congrats to the men who sank the Cincinnati

  1. Mark Morss says:

    It is worthy of note that the Cincinnatti made it to shallow water before sinking, and afterwards was raised and repaired. This was indeed the second sinking of the Cincinnatti, the first having occurred in May, 1862, when she was surprised by elements of the Confederate River Defense Fleet. The Cincinnati’s second sinking was a quite minor embarassment to the Union naval forces on western waters. I am not sure why anyone would want to post so-called congratulations, since all the people involved in this action are long since dead, and the war was, after all, won by the United States.

    • Allen Gathman says:

      Well, the lieutenant general commanding the troops who sank it thought it was worthwhile to congratulate them. This is a historical blog, and the posts are from contemporary sources. So the congratulations, which I have reproduced verbatim above, were issued when the men involved were still alive. As for the outcome of the war, shouldn’t you have prefaced that with a spoiler alert?

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