April 22, 1863: Porter ordering Grand Gulf softened up

David Dixon Porter

Order of Acting Rear Admiral Porter US Navy to Captain Walke US Navy regarding operations against Grand Gulf.

US Mississippi Squadron Flagship Benton, off Grand Gulf. April 22, 1863.


Circumstances oblige me to go up river. While I am gone I wish you to do all you can to prevent the rebels working on the forts without wasting ammunition and try and drive the steamers away. The Carondelet, Mound City, Louisville ,and Pittsburg will remain here and lie some place where they can use their rifle guns. I find there are two forts below the ones we saw and deem it prudent to consult with the general before we stand a chance of separating from them altogether.

Very respectfully,

David D Porter, Acting Rear Admiral, Commanding Mississippi Squadron

Captain Henry Walke, Commanding Lafayette

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