December 19, 1862: West Virginia statehood

S. G. Sites
My Great-grandfather, Sampson Greenbrier Sites, who was 19 when he became a West Virginian.

The Richmond Daily Dispatch treats the celebration of West Virginia’s statehood a bit sourly.

Rejoicing over the “New State of Western Virginia.”

The Abolitionists in Wheeling, Va., had a jolly time over the news of the admission of Western Virginia into the “Union.” The Intelligencer says:

We received the special dispatch announcing the news about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and by 4 o’clock it was spread throughout the city. Everywhere there was jubilant feeling. The news was read in the hall of the House of Delegates just as that body adjourned, and was received with three cheers. The new State men are congratulating each other in all directions upon the successful delivery of the new born infant. It is indeed a subject for joyful congratulation. It brings with it equal taxation, equal representation, industry, power, developed resources, and a realization of all the ardent hopes which have animated the bosoms of all true Western Virginians for many long years. It tells of a happy release from merciless taskmasters, from conspiracy and rebellion, injustice and oppression, and all the innumerable wrongs which Western Virginia has suffered so long and so patiently. Last evening an old “baby waker,” captured by Gen. Kelley at Bomney, was brought out and a salute of thirty five guns fired in honor of the new State.

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