December 13, 1862: Maybe they won’t destroy the cotton after all


Official Records

7:40 AM

WATER VALLEY, December 13, 1862.
General GRANT:

A scout sent to Oakland captured a messenger with orders to Major Blythe to destroy all cotton between the Tallahatchie and Coldwater, and all other points accessible. He expected to find Major Blythe at Horn Lake, 14 miles from Memphis. We also learn from him that Price is camped 5 miles west of Grenada, and Van Dorn 3 miles east of Grenada. Force of each, 15,000. Six hundred re-enforcements arrived from below, on Thursday. Pemberton is at Grenada. Lovell left for Richmond on Tuesday. Enemy is throwing up earstworks north of Yalabusha; work is done by negroes. Pickets are 7 miles north of Grenada. I moved at daylight.

Colonel, Commanding Cavalry Division.

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