October 15, 1862: Rebels on the run from Kentucky

Gen. Braxton Bragg

Reports continue to come in about the departure of Bragg’s troops from Kentucky. The defeats at Corinth, MS and Perryville, KY leave the Confederates in a precarious position throughout the southwest. Persistent rumors about the deaths of Bragg and Cheatham were starting to look doubtful, though.

LOUISVILLE, KY., Wednesday, Oct. 15.

There was skirmisking yesterday all along the line from Harrodsburgh to Stanford.

The rebels are trying to get out of the State. It is thought that Gen. BRAGG is hurrying outward because on the day of the Perryville battle he heard that Gens. PRICE and VAN DORN had been beaten at Corinth, and could not get any reinforcements from that quarter.

Large numbers of dead are still lying unburied at Perryville.

A rebel detachment came to the battle-field under a flag of truce, took a look at their dead, and left them without any attention.

The guns which the rebels took from us and which we recovered were spiked with telegraph wire, which we easily removed.

LOUISVILLE, Wednesday, Oct. 15 — P.M.

The Journal has a special dispatch from Frankfort, saying that KIRBY SMITH and his command had been captured between Lexington and Harrodsburgh. Headquarters here are unadvised of this and discredit the statement.

The same same paper says that BASIL DUKE, brother-in-law of JOHN MORGAN, had been killed; that 3,000 rebels came into Lexington this morning; that our forces captured $10,000 worth of jeans from SMITH’s command. All this needs confirmation.

Guerrillas are committing all sorts of depredations in Owen County.

The Memphis Bulletin says the guerrillas beyond Raleigh have been burning all the cotton they could come across.

A rebel officer writing to Lexington, says the rebel Gen. CLAIBORNE was killed near Perryville, and the rebel Gen. WOOD wounded. The latter’s command was transferred to Gen. PRESTON. He writes that the rebels had 15,000 in the Perryville fight.

Nashville papers of the 12th says the Nationals are concentrating a large force at Fort Donelson and mean to clear that portion of Tennessee of the rebels. Many rebel families at Clarksville are preparing to leave. The rose-water policy with the rebels is to be abandoned.

The main body of our army this evening is near Crab Orchard. The rebels are in full retreat in two columns toward the Cumberland River.

The steamer John T. McCombs takes 500 paroled rebel prisoners to-night to Cairo en route for Vicksburgh, and 500 more will go to-morrow.

It is reported, but discredited, that the rebel Gen. BUCKNER was seriously wounded in the attack made by the rebels on GILBERT’s force on the 8th inst.

There is no confirmation of the death of BRAGG and CHEATHAM.

CINCINNATI, Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Gen. GRANGER’s advance took possession of Paris Ky., to-day.

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