October 14, 1862: The New York Times on Beauregard’s lost opportunity

P.G.T. Beauregard

The New York Times reports on the plans that Beauregard had for Bragg’s invasion of Kentucky. It could have been a crippling blow to the Union cause, but despite Buell’s slowness, Bragg wasn’t able to pull it off. This was one of the crucial turning points of the war, and it went badly for the south.


— It appears now, definitely, from the captured papers of BEAUREGARD, that the programme laid down for Gen. BRAGG was really nothing less than the capture of Louisville and Cincinnati, and carrying the war into the Northwest. BEAUREGARD even goes so far as to give BRAGG minute directions how to proceed, and points out the works that it will be necessary to construct at Louisville and Cincinnati, to hold those cities after their capture. But BRAGG has failed — failed wofully. And now his chances of getting into Cincinnati are as dismal as were Adam’s chances of getting into Paradise after it was guarded by the flaming sword.

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