August 1, 1862: Rebels crossing at Chattanooga for real this time

Alexander McCook
Alexander McCook

There had been some false alarms about an impending invasion of Kentucky and Tennessee by the rebels under Van Dorn and Price. Last time, it was McCook who quashed the rumors. This time it’s McCook reporting the rebels crossing the Tennessee River.

From the Official Record:

Huntsville, August 1, 1862.
General WOOD, Decherd:

The enemy have crossed two or three regiments of infantry certainly at Chattanooga and are working on the Anderson road. Their talk is of Nashville and Kentucky. Be prepared at any hour to march and fight. Keep three days’ rations cooked. Nelson is moving forward.


BATTLE CREEK, August 1, 1862.
General BUELL:

Howard’s Alabama regiment crossed at Chattanooga on Wednesday evening, and were at Potts’ Cross-Roads, between Dunlap and Pikeville. Yesterday another regiment crossed. Four hundred were also detailed yesterday to work on the Anderson road. The country opposite me was covered again with tents this morning; now, at 12.30, they are nearly all struck. They say they are bound for Nashville.


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