July 29, 1862: Kansas Zouaves D’Afrique

Sgt. Tom Strawn
Sgt. Tom Strawn (not a Kansas Zouave, sorry)

The Richmond Daily Dispatch notes here without comment an item from Kansas, calling for volunteers for a black regiment of Union troops. The Kansas Zouaves D’Afrique were actually mustered in January, 1863, and though not recognized officially by the Federal Government, they fought in the ongoing guerrilla warfare around the Missouri/Kansas border. The Dispatch no doubt included the item as an example of the “diabolical malignity” of the abolitionists.

A negro regiment raising in Kansas.

The following advertisement appears in the Leavenworth (Kansas)Conservative:

One Thousand Colored Men Wanted–To form the First regiment of Kansas Zouaves d’afrique, and join General Blunt’s Southern expedition. All able-bodied colored young men who wish to enlist, will leave their names with W. D. Mathews. Waverly House, Leavenworth. As soon as instructions are received from the War Department, (application having been made for them,) the regiment will be regularly enlisted, mustered into service, and received the advance bounty and clothing. Companies forming in other towns in this State will notify the undersigned.

Ethan Harle,

First regiment Kansas Zouaves. Leavenworth, July 18.

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  1. Marvin S. Robinson, II says:

    Most EXCELLENT !!! Tremendous gratitude and appreciation for the the aforementioned to clarify the Kansas Zouaves D’Afrique presence in helping to carve liberty for the real TIME, conscience of our beloved America’s future destiny and journeys into HUMANITY.
    Many times, people will look blank spaced when this conversation comes up, regarding the serious commitment to bravery, courage, sacrifice and INVESTMENTS for freedom.
    BLESSINGS to each of those responsible for helping to chronicle the precision of our ancestors valiant spirit of genius in service to our nation and God.

    Marvin S. Robinson, II
    Quindaro Ruins / Underground Railroad- Exercise 2015

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