July 23, 1862: If you can spare any cavalry, Buell needs them

Don Carlos Buell

Morgan’s raid into Tennessee and Kentucky continues to bear fruit, as Buell appeals to Halleck to send more troops.

Official Record

July 23, 1862-1.30 a.m.
General HALLECK, or
General THOMAS, Adjutant-General:

I cannot err in repeating to you the urgent importance of a large cavalry force in this district. The enemy is throwing an immense cavalry force on the 400 miles of railroad communication upon which this army is dependent for supplies. I am building stockades to hold from 30 to 100 men at all bridges, but such guards at best only give security to certain points and against a small force. There can be no safety without cavalry enough to pursue the enemy in large bodies. Twice already our roads have been broken up by their formidable raids, causing great delay and embarrassment, so that we are barely able to resist from day to day. I am concentrating all the cavalry I can spare to operate actively in force. I don’t pretend to know whether you have cavalry that you can spare elsewhere, but, if so, it can find abundant and very important service here.

Major-General, Commanding.

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