July 1, 1862: Vicksburg soon to fall?

Earl Van Dorn

The New York Times reports that Vicksburg (which they earlier acknowledged was the last “snag” in the Mississippi) is about to fall to the Union. Maybe it already has! Or maybe it’ll be another year, but they don’t seem to have considered that possibility. Meanwhile, Earl Van Dorn (above) is reported to be defending the place.

We have important intelligence from the Mississippi River, which leads to the belief that Vicksburgh , the last stopping-place of the rebels in that region, will soon be in our possession, if it is not already so. Our Upper Mississippi Flotilla has passed the mouth of the Yazoo River, and attained a point four miles above the City, and communication has been had overland with Commodore FARRAGUT’s fleet. On Saturday morning last Capt. DAVIS started down the river from Memphis, on board the gunboat Benton, and was to be followed immediately by other boats. It is announced by the rebels that LOVELL has been superseded in his command at Vicksburgh by VAN DORN, who expresses the determination to defend the place to the last.

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