June 27, 1862: The Richmond Daily Dispatch is shocked. Shocked!

Slave pen, Alexandria, VA
Slave Pen, Alexandria VA

The Richmond Daily Dispatch accuses the Yankees of hypocrisy, claiming that escaped slaves are being sold by the Union. It’s a serious accusation; few crimes are worse than selling another human being. Meanwhile, toward the back of the same issue of the paper, we see an ad from a gentleman offering to sell some … hmmm… And also the usual list of ads for runaways, who for some reason seem likely to head for the Union lines.

New slave trade.

A gentleman direct from Alexandria, Va., where the Yankees have possession, informs us that two vessels left that port one day last week loaded with slaves stolen from the loyal citizens of Virginia, and doubtless bound for St. Croix, or some other West India Island. A vessel recently sailed from the York river, where she arrived a few days previous with West India fruits, and by the cunning and duplicity of the Yankee skipper and his crew, many slaves in the neighborhood were induced to go on board. As soon as a load of these deluded creatures was obtained, the vessel drifted off, and setting all sail, despite the tears and entreaties of the negroes, who too late discovered the trap in which they were caught, bore them off, as prizes no doubt to Yankee cupidity and love of gain. If anybody believes that none of these slaves will be re-sold into bondage, he has more faith in their professed liberators than their past history and recent actions justify.


Negroes for sale.

–Twenty-five or thirty likely negroes, women and children, in families, just from the country. Apply to me, at the Rolling brook Hotel, Petersburg, or to Mr. Reuben Ragland, alse of Petersburg.


–Ranaway from Second SectionRichmond and Danville Railroad, the following Slaves. The legal reward will be paid for their return at the office of the company in Richmond, or at any Station on the road — viz:
Washington; very dark, five feet nine or ten inches high; stammers a little when spoken to.
Nelson; stout built, dark color, five feet seven or eight inches high.
Thomas; yellow complexion, rather slow in his movements, five feet nine or ten inches high.
All the property of Wm. H. Buckner, of Caroline county, Va. je 27–ts
Two hundred and seventy dollars reward.

–Left Magnolia last night, without the least cause, the following negroes:
Jefferson, 35 to 40 years old, ginger-bread color, medium height, st out built, of good address, very intelligent and artful.
Fox, who calls himself Ben Quarles, about 25 years old, black, with white teeth, which he often shows with a grin when spoken to, is tall, and had some years ago a whitlow on one of his thumbs, believed the left.
These negroes belong to me, and are well acquainted on the Chickahominy, both above the Meadow Bridges and ten miles below.

–Oscar, about 25 years old, below the medium size, black, rusty looking, and answering questions with an indifference almost amounting to stupidity.

Jim, also under the medium height, black, about 18 years old, with a round and plump face.

These were hired from Redwood & Keach, and belong to Mr. Chilton, of Lancaster, Va.

Joshua, a boy about 16 years old, black, with large eyes, and hair closely shaved. Hired of Hector Davis, of Richmond.
My own negroes had a variety of clothing, but will probably put on soldiers’ old clothes, which have been very plenty of late near me. There is no sort of doubt they are aiming for the Yankee camps, and will probably attempt to cross the Chickahominy near Meadow Bridges.

I will pay one hundred dollars each for the delivery to me, or for securing in any jail in Virginia so that I get them again, of Jeff. and Fox, and ten dollars each for Oscar and Jim, and am authorize by Mr. Davis, agent, to offer fifty dollars, in like manner, for Joshua. N. F. Bowe.

Magnolia, June 24, 1862. je 25–3t*
150 dollars reward.

–Ran away from me in New Kent county, on the 11th of May last, three negro men–Armistead, Archer, and Braxton.
Armistead is about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, is a bright yellow, and wears a full set of black whiskers. He has been seen in Gen. Hood’s brigade. Armistead is about 40 years old.

Archer is of a dark complexion, with a scar over one eye. He is about 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high. When he walks he leans forward a little. He is about 22 years old.

Braxton is a yellow fellow, round face, and talks very slow. He has a scar on one of his arms, about five or six inches long, just above his elbow. He is about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, and is about 28 years old.

I will pay the above reward for their delivery to me in Richmond, or if deposited in jail so I can get them; or fifty dollars a piece for either of them, or they may be left at the Assistant Provost Marshal’s office, with Mr. William New.
je 12–10t* Edward M. Bradley.

Fifty dollars reward.

–Fifty dollars will be paid for the delivery of my negro Kitt, who left camp May 18th. He is about 3 years old, 5 feet two or three inches high, high forehead, with a scar on his under lip, black, smooth skin, heavy built, weighs about 160 pounds, is very bowlegged and pigeon-toed. He is quite intelligent, and may pass with free papers for a Virginia negro. He was born in Georgia; is probably hiring himself out as an officer’s servant.

George P. Heard,
Capt. R. A. Hardaway’s Light Battery,
Featherston’s Brigade, D. H. Hill’s Division,
je 20–7t* Four-mile post. York River R. R.
100 dollars reward.

–Ranaway from my store, on Tuesday, March 17th, my negro boy Lewis Washington. He is a bright mulatto, thick set, about five feet high, 15 years old; had on when last seen a brown sack coat, brown pants, and a military cap. The above reward of $100 will be paid for his delivery to me.
S. S. Cottrell.
je 5–ts No. 129 Main st.

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